From Permanent to Eternal

Immigration, heritage and legacy. The key themes celebrated in ‘Permanent to Eternal’. A project that heralds the arrival of a bold new type of ownable content, makes blockchain technology more relatable, and uses the power of art to
question the world around us.

Fueled by the idea of immortalising memories, not just symbols, we transformed the meaningful story behind a tattoo into an eternal digital format — an NFT. This NFT offers an intimate window into our protagonist’s innermost thoughts, emotions, and personal journey. In partnership with the MOCO museum, the idea was brought to life in an immersive exhibition in Amsterdam. Bringing our protagonist’s captivating story to the public and inspiring them to share their own stories.


By using NFT technology to create the first-ever eternal tattoo, this project challenged normal conventions and redefined the idea of permanence. Tattoos and the stories behind them will no longer be buried with their human canvas. Instead, they will continue to live on as digital artwork that can be owned, viewed and cherished by loved ones.